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Latin America

The Latin American Chapter of the NSRG has organized Teaching Courses in Lima (Peru) and Mendoza (Argentina) in October 2014. According to the NSRG teaching concept to offer a high level of theoretical knowledge and sufficient practical skills, both 2 day courses included lectures and at least 50% practical training in small groups of max. 7 participants. The strictly limited number of participants allowing individual mentoring and exchange among all participants were very well taken and proved functional. At the closing ceremony when the local course directors Prof. Ana Valentia, Dra. Sylvia Cocorullo and Prof. Manfred Kaps as NSRG delegate delivered the participation certificates, there were lots of cheer and enthusiasm. Next NSRG accredited courses will take place in 2015 in Mexico, Brazil and of course during the XXII World Congress of the WFN in Santiago, Chile.













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