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In Memoriam Prof. Hiroshi Furuhata

Prof. Hiroshi Furuhata


Prof. Hiroshi Furuhata, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo
Advisory Board Member of the Neurosonology Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology,
Honorary Member of the Japan Academy of Neurosonology,
Honorary Member of the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics,
President of the Japan Society of Embolus Detection and Treatment
died Saturday, August 11, 2012 at the age of 67.


The Officers, the Executive Committee and all members of the NSRG are deeply saddened about the passing of a great pioneer of Neurosonology, outstanding researcher, as well as a remarkable individual. His knowledge, thoughts and attitudes inspired our community and impressed everybody who got to know him closely. We will miss him very much and express our sympathy to his family.

We will honor Prof. Hiroshi Furuhata in a memorial lecture during the 16th NSRG Meeting in Sofia.


Prof. Manfred Kaps

Chairman of the NSRG

Prof. Toshiyuki Shiogai

Secretary of the NSRG

Prof. Werner Mess

Treasurer of the NSRG



Professor Furuhata was a great scientist and a great man. He will stay for new generations and for all of us, as a prototype of scientist, teacher and humanist, contributing to the advance of medicine and the world's heritage.

We will all miss him.

Vida Demarin, MD, PhD, FAAN, FAHA, FESO



His notable contribution to the field of neurosonology and his able leadership in experimental sonothrombolysis research won him respect both nationally and internationally. We shall always remember him, not only as a scientist but as a friend and his humanity. We offer our sincere thanks to all those who showed him kindness during his lifetime.

Toshiyuki Shiogai, M.D., Ph. D.



I mourn this excellent man, outstanding scientist and gentleman and I will miss him for a very long time.

G. Paolo Anzola



Pr Hiroshi Furuhata was a great scientist and a gentleman. We will miss him.

Pr Leandre Pourcelot



Hiroshi was a great scientist. He made a great contribution in the knowledge on basic research of sonothrombolysis. He was a charismatic mentor of many young neurologistis in Japan and an endless souce of ideas and projects, but most importantly, he was a very good friend.

Carlos Molina Cateriano



This is a great loss of a friend, a peer and a wonderful human being to those of us who got to know him closely and enjoyed his company for many years. I'm very sad will miss him a lot!

I wonder if Jikei University would consider naming the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory in his name since he accomplished so much and trained many neurosurgeons and scientists over years there. Best wishes to all and may he rest in peace!

Andrei V. Alexandrov, MD



Professor Furuhata was not only the pioneer of our discipline but a a kind hearted  man who touched everyone's life - he will be sadly missed. God bless his soul! The ESNCH will commemorate Professor Furuhata.

Csiba László



This are very bad news and we are in deep regret. I was very glad to know him and to have him at the ESNCH meeting in Düsseldorf as an important scientific as well as friendly colleque and gentleman. We will miss him.

Mario Siebler



Our "neurosonology world" has lost one of great pioneers and researchers in the area of ultrasound. I am sure that his colleagues and many young Japanese sonographers will continue his path. My sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.

Alexander Razumovsky, PhD, FAHA



I would like to express to you, to his colleagues and especially to his family, my deepest sympathy on the loss of Prof Furuhata. He was a pioneer in this field and has brought tremendous contributions.

Fabienne Perren, MD



It is indeed a very sad to hear this bad news. Professor Furuhata was a great scientist and a leader in the world of neurosonology. He was also a great teacher for many of us in Asia and especially in Japan. Everyone in the field of neurosonology will miss him a lot. Please kindly send my condolence to his family.

Lawrence Wong

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